4 Km Pipeline

Complete Projects crews completed a 4 km 4” 4.8 pipeline for one of our highly respected clients. The following pictures show a glimpse of the action that happened on site. Crews rerouted the pipeline production to the newly drilled wells. This project took place at the break of winter and ground conditions provided a challenge when it came to heavy duty operations. A total of 6 excavators, 2 dozers, and 2 side booms aided the production on this job. Our operators executed the scope of work in a safe and efficient way. At the end of the project, our crews did a great job cleaning up and restoring the site. The Complete Projects Pipeline division carried out the job with quality work and an extremely satisfied client.

2 Well Tie-In With UG

Complete Projects crews excelled at putting together this Two Well Pad Addition despite the soft ground conditions. With newly fabricated piping tying in the pumpjack wells to separator buildings, we had also installed across lease underground 3″ oil emulsion pipelines to tie into the existing site facilities. As well, this site included the install of a large group separator building, access points for future sand separators, and several pig barrel assemblies. This project was put into production and completed within our client’s timeframe.

1800m Pipeline

This 1800 meter 4” pipeline was completed for a new, respected client of ours. The project consisted of two creek crossings, 300 meters of hydraulic jack hammering, and one bore across a creek. The Complete Projects crews did a great job with the execution of this project. Our dozer operators cleaned up on the ROW and the excavator operators dug the ditch in preparation for lowering in the 4” pipeline. The rock hammering on this project added a challenge to the completion of the job. The weld rate on this project was 0%. This one-month project utilized 15+ crew members and a variety of heavy equipment including excavators, dozers, and side-booms. Operations insured this project was executed seamlessly to meet the projects deadline. 

2 Well Pad

This Dual Well Pad project was completed for one of our valued clients. In addition to the two wells, there was a group and test header that tied into the existing facility. Crews set up a gas lift that is metered in the utilidor heated enclosure. We built stairs across the pipe rack for the well operators to have easy access to the RTU panel. Steps were also created for easy operation of the ESD valves on each well. A very well executed job from the shop to the field crews made for another happy client. 

1000m of 6″ Pipeline

On this project, we worked with the lease owners ground conditions and terms, with our tight workspace and the wet ground conditions, the pipeline crew did an incredible job getting the 6″underground pipeline installed in a timely manner. Crews had one bore section across the road into the new lease where they were tying into a new facility. Weld repair rate was 0% and the bore section went excellent. When the project was complete the lease owners were very happy with our reclamation on the ground conditions and installation of their new fence.