7 Well Multi Pad

The 7 Wellhead centers were measured with Casing Flange angles onsite and building dimensions confirmed at the storage yard. Complete Projects talented Pipefitter designed the pile layout, created the isometric design of piping and fabrication cut sheets. The piping was prefabricated and tested at our Whitecourt fabrication facility.

Onsite, the Pipefitter completed the site pile layout for buildings and supports. Complete Projects installed pilings using our Excavator and pile vibration installation. Crew cut piles to elevation, welded pile caps, welded supports, and set buildings. Prefabricated and tested piping was installed. Dual 8’’ sales outlet lines were used to ship sales gas to two separate facilities using dual 8’’ on lease risers. The lease was open-cut to install a dual 8’’ pipeline across lease set with four risers. 

The project used hybrid SEP’s with no internal tanks. Tank piles and containment were installed, adding two 400bbl tanks and an external 100bbl meth tank with truck out. Wellhead Inlet Highline was 2’’ casing tied to 3’’ tubing line from Wellhead to Sep Inlet. With Rathole covers prefabricated and installed. On lease riser to riser hydrostatic test. Projects 4200’’ of welding prefabricated and installed onsite.

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