Abandonment, Reclamation & Integrity Digs

Complete Projects Ltd. offers our services for any abandonment, reclamation or integrity digs, large or small, providing equipment and crews. Crews who are trained and well informed. We take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the safety of our workers, as well as the Environment. When taking on these projects as a team we establish a well thought out plan to make sure it is done correctly and to regulation standards.




Reclamation can take years or even decades for the land to fully function as it did before. Depending on whether is was forest, native grassland or farm land, and the amount of soil disturbance. Reducing land disturbance, cleaning up contamination, and replacing soil. We ensure our crews have the knowledge and capability to reclaim your site to the AER regulation standards.

If you have a pipeline or project to suspend that is no longer needed, our crews at Complete Projects Ltd. are available for any abandonment and reclamation you need taken care of. 




Pipeline integrity digs give you a closer look at pipeline anomalies to help determine the best course of action, such as repairs or replacements that may be necessary. Proactive pipeline maintenance is essential in ensuring your pipeline is operating reliably and to help catch possible leaks or non-compliance.

Complete Projects Ltd. is committed to providing high quality work. All while ensuring your integrity projects are completed safely and to client satisfaction by hiring qualified crews, equipment operators and welder.