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Complete Projects Ltd. ensures the health and safety of our crews, the public, and the environment. This is done through regular hazard assessment, inspections, and pre-job safety meetings. We always do everything we can to ensure everyone makes it home safe at the end of the day. Using an ACSA COR approved Safety Management System manual. 


Compliant on Complyworks and ISNet.  We always hire good people with up to date safety tickets, that have completed our company orientation and pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.


At Complete Projects Ltd. our goal is to always provide and maintain a safe work environment for everyone. We make sure there is an understanding, as well as continuous monitoring and enforcing of our Health and Safety policies and OH&S Legislation. There are many important steps we take to ensure our crews are trained and knowledgeable enough to conduct their work in a safe and productive manner, some include:

Everyone on our team works hard to establish and maintain a high level of housekeeping standards. This in return helps to ensure our crews are being provided with well-maintained tools and equipment for client maintenance and projects. Well maintained equipment is an important component in Health, Safety & Environment measures.

Safe work practices provide the information required to safely and efficiently perform tasks. We use SWP and ensure crew understanding, through FLHA and pre-job safety meetings, in order to reduce the risk of personal injury or equipment damage during construction activities.

Corporate Statement of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment:


All Complete Projects Ltd. Employees, 


In all company activities, Complete Projects Ltd. is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, the public, and equipment while upholding high standards of environmental protection. 


All levels of management are responsible and accountable for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment by providing thorough training and adherence to proper procedures, applicable legislation, and regulations for the provinces within which we work. This includes but is not limited to, Human Resources and Employment; Occupational Health and Safety; Federal and Provincial energy and utility regulators; and the Environmental Protection Enhancement Acts.


Complete Projects Ltd. employees are made aware of and are expected to comply with relevant health and safety legislation, industry regulated practices and standards, environmental protection plans and established company rules and procedures. Employees are required to conduct work activities with the utmost regard for the safety of themselves and co-workers.


Complete Projects Ltd. believes all incidents are preventable and will strive to achieve health and safety excellence and optimum environmental protection through on-going education, training, strategic planning, and strong management. Our mandate is to be an environmental protectionism while maintaining excellent performance.


Complete Projects Ltd. is committed to health and safety. Our “number one” priority is the protection of our most valuable asset’ our people. Protection of the environment is incorporated in our core operation from the initial strategy to the last man on site.



Environmental Management is integral to the operations of Complete Projects Ltd., we ensure that all activities are conducted in a manner that will minimize our environmental impact. While following all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and all relevant industry standards.


It is designed to address potential environmental impacts that may occur due to our work and operations, as well as:

Our team at Complete Projects Ltd. ensures that all activities are conducted in an environmentally safe and ethical manner. Through thorough project planning, as well as daily planning and hazard assessments involving all workers on site. 

We encourage and train our crews to conduct their work in accordance with accepted and documented environmentally sound work practices and procedures.

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