ABSA Registered    |    CWB Letter of Validation 


We have the capabilities to take on your project large or small and quality work is our standard, we can ensure your confidence in us knowing we are using an ABSA QMS Approved Manual.


We are determined to provide adequate resources including competent personnel and the necessary equipment and facilities in order to effectively implement our Quality Program. We work hard to implement, manage and control the QMS program and assure compliance with code and jurisdictional requirements.






Our team at Complete Projects Ltd. works hard to assure that the Quality Management System and manual Control Procedure are maintained and implemented effectively.


Ensure that the Piping Design and Construction Drawings meet the required Government codes and regulations, as well as any specified owner and engineer requirements. 


Make certain that pressure piping conforms to the specified requirements at each stage of construction. Ensuring the highest standard of quality from start to finish.